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New Single! "Time to Make Demands"

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5/24, The TLA, Philadelphia, with Jealousy Curve & Friends


Got a show in my hometown of Philadelphia coming in 2 weeks that's very very important for many reasons. My good friend Mike Leavy, who I've known since 1995, is a huge piece of my musical upbringing, and is also the frontman and seed writer for Jealousy Curve, one of the greatest rock bands ever in my opinion, and certainly one of Philly's most successful outfits. Mike was diagnosed with colon cancer last year and has been battling like the badass that he is ever since, but unfortunately being buried in medical bills, as these things tend to go. So we're throwing him a heluva party to raise money for him at the TLA in Philly on May 24th, with every cent raised going right to Mike so he can fight this thing properly and get back onstage and making art in the many various ways he's always exceled. Seriously, Leavy is a badass.

I'm opening the night with a solo/acoustic set, which is a total honor because this is one amazing room/stage, but also becuase I have an amazing support netowrk in the area (YOU!) and we want to raise as much as we can for Mike. And then right after my set the other members of Jealousy Curve will take the stage and play the majority of their catalogue, with a savory lineup of Philly and NYC staple guest singers, including but not limited to: Jimmy Gnecco (Ours), Colin Smith (MRNORTH, Hundred Hounds, Christina Aguilera), Walt Lafty (Silvertide/Underground Theives), John Faye (Ike, The Caufields), Bryan & Kyle Weber (Zelazowa, ETTC), Laura Shay, Paul Keen (Pawnshop Roses), Steve Snyder & Kevin Schramm (Placid Admiral, The Gracious) and even lil' ole Me (seriously, I'm shorter than everyone else involved except Laura), and Michael gets to watch his body of work come to life from the cheap seats with many different perspectives. We're all stoked to be able to front this amazing band for one night, and honor our good friend, who is one of the badassest (totally a word) rock musicians, frontmen, writers and performers ever; and also to celebrate the amazing sense of community we have here in Philly as we band together to help our boy, who would do the same thing for any of us in a nanosecond. Grab tickets via the button below, and check out some choice J Curve videos just below that. **Advance tickets highly encouraged.  GET TICKETS HERE

Thank you in advance for your support of this great night and my very worthy friend. 




Honored to be part of this amazing evening of music in Mill Valley, CA on 4/30, paying tribute to the amazing Jeff Buckley, who was and still is a massive influence on my writing. This is also the release party for Tiffanie DeBartolo's fantastic new biography book about Jeff. Click the pic for tickets


Greetings everyone! These days, working on new music mostly with my friends Adam and John Schuman and we're called Static and Surrender. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and check here for updates as well on new music, videos, etc. I'll also be updating the SHOWS page here with S&S dates as well as solo stuff. See you soon. -Jeff

And the last JC Band self-titled release is still available in hardcopy form on the STORE page and also on iTunes, Spotify and all that other stuff. Click the pic to be whisked away